Overcoming the Challenges with Primary Handling of Raw Protein

Overcoming the Challenges with Primary Handling of Raw Protein 

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When handling raw protein, there are many challenges that must be overcome to ensure that safety requirements are met and that maximum efficiency is achieved. Soft Robotics mGrip  technology leads the industry in the primary handling of raw protein with a soft, pneumatically actuated gripper that is made of food grade materials and has an IP69K rating. Paired with the industry leading JLS Automation Talon® Pick and Place System, a variety of raw protein products can be safely and accurately picked and  placed into thermoformers. 

Benefits of Soft Robotics mGrip

The Soft Robotics patented mGrip technology enables reliable, high-speed picking of traditionally hard-to-grasp items  in the food processing industry. Raw protein processing, such as chicken breasts, steak, roast beef, sausages, hotdogs and more have traditionally been reliant on human labor.  With mGrip, robots can safely and efficiently pick and pack singulated food products while also increasing throughput and reducing waste. Our adaptable gripper can be used to reliably pick multiple SKUs that vary in shape and size at a high rate of speed.  

 JLS Talon Thermoformer Loading

The JLS Talon Pick and Place System integrates motion, logic, safety and HMI (Human-Machine Interface) into a single scalable  platform. Some of the benefits include:

Small electrical footprint

Modular design that is easily scalable 

Ease of use 

Powerful remote diagnostics 

Talon was also designed with sanitation standards in mind. It offers an open frame  design for easy access, inspection and maintenance and sloped surfaces for easy runoff.

JLS Talon

With JLS thermoformer loading, food processors load raw protein products safely and efficiently. Thermoformed packaging provides durable and tamper-resistant packaging which offers protection during shipping and transportation and allows for a number of different seal options that extend a product’s shelf life.

In addition, thermoformer loading has proven to be cost effective and sustainable. With about 54% of people worldwide making purchasing decisions partially based on the sustainability of packaging, having sustainable packaging solutions is not only good for the environment, but also good for business.

What is an IP69K Rating?

An IP69K rating provides assurance that there is no ingress of dust and that high pressure cleaning procedures that may include a combination of high temperature water and chemicals will not penetrate electronic circuits. This allows for easy washdown and ensures the cleanliness necessary for food processing and packaging. 

Soft Robotics and JLS Address the Challenges in the Food Processing Industry

Each year, roughly 48 million Americans get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die from foodborne illnesses. The Food Processing industry is rapidly evolving to meet the changing needs to maintain production and increase efficiencies.

With labor shortages looming and food regulations tightening, food processors have turned to automation in order to keep up with growing demand. By implementing the Soft Robotics mGrip solution paired with the JLS Talon, food processors successfully combat the constant changing challenges in the food processing industry. To learn more, visit www.softrobotics.com and www.jlsautomation.com.