mGrip FAQs: One Tool For Solving All Your (Picking) Challenges

Choosing the right end-of-arm tool (EOAT) for your robotic automation project can be a daunting task, especially when there’s a direct impact on your bottom line. In fact, choosing the wrong EOAT can drive down productivity and increase downtime. Integrators, distributors, and end-users have questions about our mGrip solution which is completely understandable for any tech that claims to solve robotic picking.  We gathered our top three most common mGrip questions and answered them here. 

Can Soft Robotics mGrip tool handle my products?

Yes, absolutely. Manufacturers have been unsuccessful to automate mainly due to unreliable grasping. Traditional robotic technology struggles to pick up everyday products especially if they vary in different shapes, weights, and sizes. The reality is that robots have a hard time picking products up and putting them down. While traditional robotic technology can’t get a firm grip on products, mGrip can and does. mGrip can successfully pick a range of products, from IV  bags to bagged potatoes. Our adaptable gripping solution conforms to the shape of products with an enveloping grasp and in real-time, making your opportunities for automation endless. Successful picking requires reliable grasping. 

Check out this video and learn what we’ve solved.

Why should you use a Soft Robotics controller?

  1. Speed. Our controllers allow the gripper to cycle 3-4 times per second. That’s faster than a human hand! 
  2. Precision control. You can precisely set the exact grip strength and the open amount for each application. 
  3. Finger life. By using our controllers, you’ll get the longest possible finger life.

Other than its easy to use capabilities, our controllers give you peace of mind. Know that your system will achieve optimal speed, precision, and finger life when you use a Soft Robotics controller. And finally, it’s a plug and play system that’s easy to set up. This saves you design time and gets you up and running faster. 

We offer three controllers; G2, Mini, and coDrive. Check out this video to learn more. 


Is mGrip food safe?

As the leader in food automation, we understand that food safety is a top priority for our customers. Food Application with ChickenFor a contamination-free production, you need a specialized food-safe EOAT. Our mGrip solution is compliant with the European regulation EC 1935 and FDA for food contact and GMP for full traceability and processes to reduce risk. Our tooling enables safe food handling and contamination-free production. Also, mGrip makes food handling projects a piece of cake. First, its ingress protected meaning food can’t penetrate the tool and enter the system. No more having to waste time cleaning out filters. Second, it’s designed with radial edges to make it easy to clean. If your operation handles food, you’ll want to ensure ingress protection from liquids, dust, or in this video, chocolate syrup. So is mGrip food safe? Absolutely.

If you’re looking to automate your food operation, consider these three end-of-arm tools.


Find out if mGrip is the right choice for your robotic automation project with this short quiz.