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Flexible, Industrial Packaging Solutions

Future-proof your factory with our line of turnkey, industry-proven solutions that get it right from the very first pick. Traditional robots are designed to pick up the same product over and over again, but the consumer-driven, factory of NOW demands a better way. Our disruptive automation solutions adapt with your changing manufacturing line – instead of you having to adapt to your technology (pretty nice, huh?).

Industrial Applications

Automating applications previously off-limits to robots

We have built a fundamentally new class of robotic grippers that are adaptive, plug and play, repeatable and reliable. What does this mean for you? This means we're enabling robots to do what people have always done.

From warehouse logistics involving objects of variable size, shape and weight, currently requiring significant labor to food handling where sanitation and delicate manipulation are important, our grippers are designed to excel where conventional robotic technology falls short.

Designed for Speed

Designed to keep up with the speed of any industrial robot when paired with any Soft Robotics control unit

Flexible, Modular System

Modular system enables fast adaptation and easy changeovers

Proven Technology

Validated technology that is withstanding billions of cycles in production environments all over the world

The mGrip System

You don't have time for technology that doesn't adapt with you

The mGrip System is designed to solve your industrial application quickly, and successfully – from the very first pick.

Case Study

How Soft Robotics enabled High Speed Dough Ball Packaging

This customer produced a wide range of variably sized, freshly made dough balls that needed to be handled at high speed to meet process rate requirements. This customer had been working with a conventional method of material transfer for some time but wanted to decrease the machinery footprint in new facilities, as well as improve the accuracy of product placement. A critical requirement for success was to ensure that any new handling process did not leave tool impressions or other visible imperfections in the very soft dough while meeting the aggressive rate requirements. As a result, traditional vacuum and mechanical end effector technologies were unsuitable.

ABI LTD. designed and integrated a sanitary design, high speed, pick and place system utilizing Soft Robotics end-effectors which resulted in precise placement while also leaving no visible markings on dough balls. The system employs four, vision-guided, ABB IRB 360 Flex Picker robots with Soft Robotics’ bakery grade end of arm tooling to achieve a final production rate in excess of 70 items per minute, for a total per hour production of 4200 per robot.


You can be the robotic automation expert. We can help.

We’re dedicated to solving your hardest workforce challenges. We believe that human beings should do human work. That it’s technology’s job to take on the dull, dirty and dangerous jobs. The repetitive work that until now, has been dependent on the human hand to complete. We are dedicated to freeing people to do the work that people do best. Join us.


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