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Ashley Levesque

Ashley Levesque is the Manager of Marketing at Soft Robotics. In her role here, Ashley is responsible for Demand Generation and Digital Marketing, Marketing Communications, Channel Marketing and Industry Events

EOAT Robotics

Enabling Flexible Manufacturing with Robotic Grippers
By Ashley Levesque on October 5, 2019

Pack Expo 2019 was an amazing show spanning 900,000 square feet with over 2,000 exhibitors serving industries such as food and beverage, packaged goods, and pharmaceuticals/medical...

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Robots to the Rescue: Tackling Dull and Dangerous Jobs
By Ashley Levesque on September 17, 2019

While we continue to hear concerns about robots taking jobs away from people, McKinsey Global Institute forecasts that robots can actually lead to the creation of new work for people...

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