Automate Your Supply Chain

Piece-picking that works.

SuperPick from SoftRobotics combines an ultra-fast 3D vision system with patented soft grasping technology to deliver unprecedented flexibility and scalability in warehouse automation.

Features & Benefits


Your process demands precision – and that’s exactly what SuperPick delivers. A combination of sensors and automatic exception handling helps deliver accurate orders to your customers.


Throughput is key to meeting the demands of your growing business. That’s why we’ve paired our ultra-fast 3D vision system with an industrial robot to deliver unparalleled pick and place speed.


SuperPick seamlessly integrates with your existing material handling solutions and protects your investment from packaging changes through flexible vision and grasping.
How it works


The ultra-fast 3D vision system captures images


The SuperPick computer translates images into action for the robotic arm and gripper


The specialized soft gripper works in unison with the robot arm to dynamically adjust to any product

SuperPick integrates with any material handling system.

The thoughtful design and unprecedented adaptability of the SuperPick system allows it to seamlessly fit into your existing process without disruption to production or material flow. The training-free model means you can deploy faster without worrying about upstream packaging or SKU changes.

Automated pack station loading

SuperPick integrates with automated packing stations to address one of the most labor-intensive parts of fulfillment.

Pairing SuperPick with Sealed Air

ASRS & sorter induction

Continuously feed any sortation system with singulated and identified product with the SuperPick piece-picking platform.

SuperPick. Scan. Sort.

Goods-to-robot tending

Pair SuperPick with any goods-to-robot solution for accurate and reliable order fulfillment of unstructured product.

Adaptability made possible

Kitting solutions

Pick from up to 6 homogenous full or divided totes to fill orders or create kits of highly variable products.

Simplifying with SuperPick
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